Long-Range Scanning
22 May 2019 in Articles

3D Scanning of the Avro Arrow

Canadians share pride in a variety of symbols and heroes that make our nation what it is today. But very few things in our history have generated so much pride and controversy all at the same time. The Avro Arrow

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4 September 2018 in Articles

3D scanning for architectural woodworking

Did you know that you can use long-range 3D scanning to do reverse-engineering of complex objects and structures for architectural woodworking? We can create a 3D file of complex objects or areas from a long-range scan. This service is very

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19 June 2018 in Articles

SCAN to BIM – Mercury Court (Ottawa)

Whether you work in the architecture or in the construction sector, you have probably heard about BIM, which stands for «Building Information Modeling». BIM is a digital tool which is gaining increasing popularity in the AEC sectors (Architecture, Construction and

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6 March 2018 in Articles

Scan Data Quality – What You Need to Know!

The recent developments in Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technologies, combined with new software solutions for the digital processing of point cloud data have contributed to the rise of 3D modeling in architecture, engineering and construction. For architecture, engineering or

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22 December 2017 in Articles

Metal structure plan

The construction of the Lees light rail train station at the University of Ottawa consisted, among others, in building several complex metal structures. The load bearing structures were covered in various aesthetic components made from folded aluminium sheets. It was

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