Historical Ornaments


Historical Ornaments


West Block Parliament of Canada

Services provided

3D object scanning

Development of 3D (CAD) models

3D printing

The West Block of the Parliament of Canada is decorated with many decorative plaster and stone ornaments. During the demolition process, several of these ornaments, located in offices, corridors, and stairways were damaged. Creadditive was asked to scan certain ornaments that were difficult to repair and create digital restorations of them. These digital models were then used to repair the damaged ornaments.


  • An original piece, with a rich historical heritage.
  • Professionals from different fields working together on one huge construction site.
  • Artists who had to work in a noisy, dusty, and uncomfortable environment (the difficult working conditions meant they had to take several breaks)
  • The plasterers were unable to repair the original ornament because it was impossible to create a mould of the piece as it was attached to the wall.
  • As such, a plaster mould needed to be created from a 3D scan of the object.


  • Manage to match the surfaces so there would be no visible joints between the original part and the repaired one.


  • An accurate reproduction of the piece by only manufacturing the broken part and preserving the original central part.
  • Project completed faster
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