Heritage Mouldings


Heritage Mouldings


Prime minister's office, located in the Mackenzie Tower of the West Block

Services provided

3D object scanning

Development of 3D (CAD) model

3D printing

The prime minister’s office, located in the Mackenzie Tower of the West Block, is decorated with various, unique plaster mouldings, which are showing signs of age. Furthermore, because of the moving of furniture over the years, some of the mouldings were damaged. Traditionally, a plasterer would be called on to reproduce or repair the damaged mouldings, but some mouldings presented challenges due to their location, lack of accurate copies or other circumstances.

Creadditive was asked to scan certain moulds that were difficult to repair so that we could create digital restorations, which would be used to create plaster moulds.


  • A long-term project, a huge quantity of plaster mouldings that needed repair, restoration and standardization.
  • Professionals from different fields working together on one huge construction site.
  • An original piece, with a rich historical heritage.
  • Artists who had to work in a noisy, dusty, and uncomfortable environment (the difficult working conditions meant they had to take several breaks)
  • Plasterers who had difficulty reproducing details based on a mirror image.
  • The creation of a plaster mould from a touched-up 3D scan.


  • Scan all the interior details and reconstruct the hidden sides or details in the undercut.


  • An accurate reproduction of the pieces and the possibility to reproduce the broken pieces from the scan of their mirror image (restoration of left piece from a scan of the right piece).
  • Project completed faster, going from two weeks per mould type to two days per mould type.
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