Digital prefabrication in the new House of Commons

February 1, 2019 in Articles

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about the opening of the new House of Commons in the West Block of Parliament. Did you know that Creadditive has contributed to this architectural and engineering chef-d’oeuvre?

In fact, our unique expertise was deployed at the end of the construction project. Commissioned by our sister-company Acoustique SM, Creadditive was asked to scan the metal structure of the interior House ceiling in order to adjust the supporting frames of the suspended acoustic panels.

The new House with the acoustic panels in the interior court

Why Creadditive? The answer is simple. Our company is not just another 3D scanning company. Our ability to analyze and process building data, and our deep knowledge of manufacturing methods is clearly what distinguish us from the competition. The architectural and engineering process leading to the successful integration of the acoustic panels had to take into account the ’as-built’ geometry of the metal structure already in place. This is why Creadditive first had to conduct a very precise 3D scan of the new House ceiling.

3D scan of the interior court ceiling

The 3D scan was crucial to gather all the necessary data that will be used at the re-design phase. The geometric data were then used by the Creadditive experts to adjust the dimensions of the frames and the acoustic fabric.

Virtual integration of the acoustic panels

The re-design process of the frames and acoustic fabric was done considering the ‘as-built’ geometry of the ceiling’s metal structure. By doing the ‘virtual’ integration of the frames and fabrics to the existing structure, we make sure that the pre-fabricated acoustic panels will be assembled on site as planned and fit perfectly.

Once the final geometric corrections done, the CAD files for certain components of the acoustic assembly can then be used for manufacturing using a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine. For other components which must be made or assembled by hand, certified shop drawings were made from the 3D CAD files.

Final CAD assembly of the corrected acoustic system

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