Creadditive specializes in the use of cutting-edge scanning technologies to provide high-quality services to clients.

Recognized across Canada for our knowledge and contributions to new 3D scanning and printing techniques for the commercial construction and heritage restoration market, we provide reliable, integrated solutions to our clients.


The expertise of our 3D modelling and manufacturing team is reinforced by the ability to perform short-range scanning and high-resolution 3D printing. We can accurately reproduce high-value objects and irreplaceable pieces, and conserve architectural heritage like never before.

Our long-range scanning expertise means we can provide a complete reverse engineering service for large structures. Our long-range scanning tools and our expertise in 3D modelling will simplify your historic building renovation, custom manufacturing and reverse engineering projects. Our innovative techniques mean we deliver 3D drawings of unparalleled precision and speed.


We guarantee a margin of error of less than 1 mm even from 50 m away for long-range, precise measurement taking.

By providing drawings quicker, we allow you to cut costs and save time on your projects.

We provide a true-to-scale copy of your objects.

We make project progression easier by guiding you in your approach, from the initial quote to the production of quality control documents required to successfully complete a project.

Historical Ornaments

The West Block of the Parliament of Canada is decorated with many decorative plaster and stone ornaments. During the demolition

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Heritage Mouldings

The prime minister’s office, located in the Mackenzie Tower of the West Block, is decorated with various, unique plaster mouldings,

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